Friday, June 13, 2014

Don't Be A C**t.

The main reason I started this blog is because I do get asked fairly frequently where I get my stuff from (in SL). I am more than happy to share this information, and since I love putting together an outfit, why not take a snapshot? Why not share the locations and vendor/creator info?

My number one pet peeve on SL is when someone won't share this type of info with others in an attempt to be "different." Well, if you are one of these people, I've got news for you. If that hair/skin/outfit/what-the-fuck-ever is from any designer in SL that has had success in launcing their brand, you aren't the only snowflake on the grid to have it. If it is a newer/smaller brand trying to get its footing, way to make it more difficult for the word to get out, and not give them a chance to make money on something they've put so much time and effort into. Congrats, you are an asshole...and still not the only one. 

What makes your avatar unique has nothing to do with the brands you wear, the style you choose, etc. It's who you are behind it, how you interact with others around you and the impression you leave in chat or on voice. I'm well aware that the things I buy aren't limited and that thousands of other people have the same dresses, hair, shoes etc. I would hope that rather than being memorable for the things that I wear, people remember me for who I am behind all that. 

In short, don't be a cunt. You are not the items in your inventory.

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